What is it you sell?

Surprisingly, we do get asked this quite often. We’re not sure how you might have just veered onto here if you weren’t actually looking for glitter (maybe just that pesky dormant magpie gene) but glitter is what we sell! Yes thats right.. loads and loads of sparkly glitter!

What size are your glitters?

Our standard stock is hex cut 0.008″ (0.2mm) which is more commonly known as ‘extra fine’ or ‘ultra fine’.

How long does delivery take?

We tend to have all colours available 99% of the time ready for immediate dispatch. We aim to get all orders out within 1 working day. Delivery takes 2-3 days but if required urgently, give us a call on 01254 693002 to discuss options.

Are your glitters safe to use on skin?

Our regular line of glitters are for craft and decorative use. We do however also make a line of fully certified cosmetic grade glitters. Please contact us for more information.

What is your glitter used for?

Glitter is a very versatile decoration substance which can be added to a range of things including home decor, commercial applications, manufacturing, beauty, crafts etc etc.

I want to use your glitter for ___ or with ___ . Is this suitable?

Our glitters are very durable and resilient so in most cases the glitter itself wont be the issue. We would always suggest purchasing a couple of small packs first to test out and seeing how it works. You can even drop us a message and we will try to give guidance if your issue is something we have experience with already.

I want a very specific cut. Is this doable?

We are able to cut any colour in our range to any size and shape required. The range of options include all sizes of hexagons, dots, strips, stars, snowflakes and a whole range more.

Please contact us to know more about pricing and terms. We do require approx 10 working days to produce any custom cuts though so please ensure you contact us well in advance of the required date.

Can you supply chunky glitter?

Yes! At present we also stock a 1mm cut in a select few colours and are available for immediate dispatch. Contact us for more information.